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For hours and days not listed above, call for booking information.​ "Closing time" listed above represents the start time of final game of night.

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2 - 10 players

Our Escape Room Games

4 - 10 players
4 - 12 players
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 At the world's leading viral and pathogen research facility, daily tours show guests what it looks like when scientific minds set about creating viruses capable of destroying the human race. When one of the containment systems is breached, a group of 12 civilians must see if they can quarantine the virus and make it out alive before the entire lab is incinerated.

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It's the apocalypse. Bummer. Fortunately, you and your fellow survivors have holed up in an impenetrable vault containing everything you'll need to survive the radioactive onslaught. Unfortunately, somebody has also left an armed nuclear bomb in the vault as well. One hour should be plenty of time to figure out how to disarm it—right?

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Project Escape - Atlanta's best escape room games

Atlanta's premiere escape room gaming facility.
Our over-sized escape rooms, challenging puzzles, and high quality set design provide immersive live action game-play for players of all ages. We also offer a fun and fast paced environment for team building exercises.
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When an internationally renowned archaeologist and explorer goes missing, you must piece together whatever it is he discovered on his last excursion. Fortunately for you, you'll be able to use the artifacts left over in his office to solve the riddle. Unfortunately for you, there's no guarantee you won't be the next to disappear.

Project Escape

1395 South Marietta Parkway 

Bldg. 200, Suite 202

Marietta, Georgia 30067