At the world's leading viral and pathogen research facility, daily tours show guests what it looks like when scientific minds set about creating viruses capable of destroying the human race. When one of the containment systems is breached, a group of 10 civilians must see if they can quarantine the virus and make it out alive before the entire lab is incinerated. To successfully complete this room there must be at least four players.



​​​#1 - 41:03:42

      Feb 25, 2017

#2 - 42:40:10

      July 23, 2017

#3 - 43:07:82

      May 27, 2017​ 

"We booked the Exposure room for my daughter's 16th birthday and a group of her friends, and it was the topic of conversation the entire night!"

-Vinnie, TripAdvisor

"We went with a large group to celebrate my husband's birthday. We did the exposure room and had a great time."

-Candis, Facebook


Puzzle Solving

Don't want to play with strangers? 

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Times to Beat!

"We did Exposure, and, as a science nerd through and through, I loved it. They have real re-purposed lab technology, and the puzzles are really fun."

-Amy, Yelp