We had an awesome time in Knight's Quest!...​ The room is set up beautifully with challenging puzzles and very authentic looking props. 

-Halei, Facebook

Puzzle Solving


Knights Quest was awesome! Definitely a lot more things going on than other escape rooms I've done! Loved that it wasn't just opening locks! 

-Lauren, Yelp

Knights Quest was very challenging... Enjoyed by all. Especially since we won!

-PuddinClub, TripAdvisor​

Times to Beat!



Knight's Quest

#1 - 38:09:02

      May 26, 2017


​#2 - 42:05:49

​       July 9, 2017

​#3 - 43:04:80

​       July 29, 2017


Inside of an aging castle, a secret room has recently been discovered. Rumors have been spreading that the room

has been hiding several controversial relics. In order to

protect these secrets, the government has decided to

demolish the entire castle. How can you and your

group of treasure hunters possibly resist? You'll have 60

minutes to recover the relics and escape the castle

before the entire structure comes down on top of you.