The Hardest Room: The Nautilus has fallen under attack by a deep sea monster! The hull is breaking into pieces and you must work together with the crew members you were trapped with to get the power back on. You have 75 MINUTES before the entire submarine is crushed under the pressure of the sea and the mighty mythical creature that haunts the waters of the world devours you… Do you and your crew have what it takes to regain control of the Nautilus before you perish 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

2 – 10 Players

Problem - Solving

“The Nautilus Room was the bomb. Very cool theme and some great surprises. Highly recommend! One of the best rooms we have done so far.”

– Tscotts, Tripadvisor

“We have been to a few different Escape Room locations, and Project Escape has been, by far, THE BEST! We just completed the Nautilus room this weekend and is by far their best room yet!”

– Chiara, Google

“We enjoyed our time at Project Escape! We did Nautilus and even though we didn’t escape, we had such a fantastic time with our group.”

– April, Yelp