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What began two years ago as a gifted family birthday outing from daughter to father became much more than an occupation — it became a passion for the Woods’ family (husband and wife team Brandy and J.R., daughter Savannah and four-legged furry grandson and company mascot George)…

‘We all live in Hell, but we have to forget about that right now, because a bomb might go off…’

We were reviewed by the Imagine Games Network, also known as IGN Entertainment

If adventure is your thing…



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Facebook Reviews
This place was amazing ! We loved our game master Amber. We will definitely be returning !
Super difficult, and completely different than any other escape room places
We went to Project Escape as an impromptu datenight and it was perfection. We have done a handful of other escape rooms and had previously tried the Nautilus room. This time we bought two seats in Vault 202, knowing there were ten left and hoping we’d be solo. We were and Tori, our game master, did a great job of making us feel like it was still doable.
After escaping Vault 202, we took them up on their offer for a discount for a second room on the same visit and completed Murder Express as well.

Some of our favorite parts about project escape:
The game masters. We had a great guy last time and Tori was fantastic this time. Both were incredibly personable and energetic.

The game setups. The games are full of multiple puzzles to work on at once. Unlike other escape rooms that will have only one puzzle at a time in a sequence, these rooms have several puzzles that can we solved in parallel. This means there’s more for each person to do and really helps if you get stumped.

The puzzles themselves. Without giving anything away, the puzzles in the three games we’ve done here were all really well done. Clues that were appropriately clear. Not many red herring objects or things. Well designed mechanical elements. Just overall, really well done.

I highly recommend Project Escape for groups or couples. It can be hard to solve a room with just two people, but it is so fun!
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We had a great time! Definitely recommend!
Kathy Coon
June 08
Incredibly fun, great for the whole family.!
Tim Witry
June 01
the staff are always so friendly and the rooms are challenging and they are always fun to play with friends, family or co workers even strangers ! definitely will be coming to do more!!
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This is a great collection of Escape rooms and my family really enjoys this particular collection! The staff is great and we have enjoyed all the individual rooms! Looking for an hour long activity to have some fun, than I highly recommend! Good times!!
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We did the Saw room. It was so fun!!!! we enjoyed it. Pretty difficult but we made it out. The staff was amazing.
Best escape rooms in Marietta! They do a fantastic job of theming, and the rooms have a variety of puzzles/lock types. My husband and I earned our T-shirt on our last visit. 🙂
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Did 2 rooms today. Nautilus and vault 202. We have done a bunch of escape rooms and these were both really good. Nautilus is one of my all time favorites. Really well done.
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This escape room was a great experience and Tori was the best game master
Daniel Chen
February 24
We chose to play the Saw-themed room as this particular room includes the added challenge of competition. The competitive nature of the game made the experience that much more fun! We absolutely loved everything about Project Escape! The entire facility was nice as were the employees. The game-room was very detailed and very representative of the actual movie. Give it a try!
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Grayson Layton
February 24
Harrison was our guide, super helpful and super friendly! This was my first escape with my boyfriend's family and we loved it! Amazing experience.
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Destiny Davis
February 23
Yes we had an amazing time.. amber was really fun... and very helpful..
also we had chandler who was very cool and down to earth and gave really good clues.w
We also had Brandi and she was really fun and helpful.
We completed all the rooms.
We have just not played saw yet.
Thanks for such an amazing time and I will definitely spread the word for family and friends to come try it out.
Stephen Fricks
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Stephen Fricks
February 18
Amber was awesome! Vault 202 was a blast. Thank you for the good times.
James Lancaster
February 18
Tory is the best she helped a lot
Rashad Cook
February 18
Soooo close! Fun family experience!
Lydia Wood
February 16
Awesome!! Challenging and fun!!!
Karen Zdunczyk
February 13
We had a great time with Harrison ?! This was so much fun can not wait for come back!!
Leeann Ramey
January 26
So much fun we do one every year as a group!!!!! The best one we have done so far....
Britt Peterson
January 20
Amazing rooms. We have done two of the rooms and will be back to do the others. Tory was our game master and she is awesome.
We loved the Murder Express. it is like a Clue game that you are participating in. Ricky was a great game master.
I had a great time. We were in the vault 202 room. The staff is very friendly, and the rooms were great! Amber was our game master and she was amazing! I will be returning.
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Tasha Wells
January 12
Just escaped “The Vault”. Our Escape Room host - Amber was fantastic. We had 2 minutes to spare and had a blast!
Karla J Radtke
January 06
We had the best time! Amber was awesome! Highly recommend!
Angie Davis
January 04


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Yelp Reviews
We took 6, 11 yr old girls here for a birthday party. Everyone had a blast! We did the Knights room and it was pretty challenging. We didn't get out but still had fun. Highly recommend!
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June 15
We had my son's birthday party in Vault 202. The kids had a great time! Even if we didn't make it out in time. The staff was great and we loved having the party room for lunch and cake afterward! Highly recommended!!
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We've been to 3 different escape room locations, so I feel like I can give a good opinion for how Project Escape compares to escape rooms in the area. Let me be clear, there is no comparison. Project Escape blows the competition away. First of all, the prices are great, especially to book the private rooms.

We started our night with Murder Express. Sydney was our game master and she was so great. I loved the themes and props to this room. The only negative I'll mention is the 5 min rule. I completely understand why that rule is put in place and I even agree with having a penalty, but that five minutes was huge. We were close, but guessed wrong in the end. We ran out of time with the 5 min penalty.

Thanks to the awesome $15 same day deal, we decided to take on Vault. This time Amber was our game master. She was awesome too. This room was great once we got going. We were able to finish with 12 minutes left.

I'd like mention the customer service at Project Escape. We were so impressed with Amber and Sydney. At other escape rooms, they throw you in a room, give you your clues when you ask and take your money. We felt like our game masters were really pulling for us and wanted us to make it out. It really made for an even better experience.

I'd really like to do Murder Express again -
maybe when the characters get changed around, so we won't know who the killer is.

We've already planned another night in May with a big group to take on Saw. We are so excited. Thanks to everyone at Project Escape. Keep doing what you're doing!
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April 21
Had such a great time! The rooms are well decorated and the themes are great! Went with people who have never done it before and we will definitely go back!
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March 08
Having done about 35 escape rooms around the country, I was mostly very pleased with this place with just a few nits to pick.

The good: Great overall customer experience. The staff was always friendly and helpful. The waiting area is well maintained and welcoming. Both of our game masters were GREAT (Harrison for two rooms and Amber for one), paid very close attention to our progress in the rooms and gave us gentle nudges in the right direction when needed and when we asked for clues they were given to us within a matter of seconds. The scenic elements were mostly fantastic. Especially in the Nautilus and Vault rooms. Overall a nice variety of puzzles, and a few that really required you to get creative with your thinking. It genuinely felt like all of the staff we encountered enjoyed what they were doing and were invested in the place. I've been to a few rooms where the employees seem so detached and even talk poorly about the facility or the choices that the room creators made, but here it felt like even the employees had a hand in creating the rooms.

The less good: In two of the three of the rooms we did there were a few puzzles that really just felt like busy work and went on for longer than they needed to. Where you're just following a long list of tasks and halfway through you're just thinking "alright, we get the point, this puzzle should be over by now". If I could give this place 4.5 stars due to this factor, I would.

All that being said, the overall experience was fantastic and will be happy to return next time I'm in town. A huge bonus is they offer you the chance to play another room later that day or the next day for just $15, nearly half off. If you're someone that likes to double or triple dip on these places, that's a large savings and really makes you feel valued. We certainly took advantage.

The rooms we did were, from best to least best:

Nautilus - this was my favorite room, with plenty of secret compartments and passageways, the scenic element was A+ and felt completely immersive. It is recommended for at least 4 people, but we did it as 2 and were still a few large puzzles away from completing it, so definitely recommend at least 4. There is a LOT of ground to cover in this one and it's important that you're able to split up and tackle multiple puzzles at once.

Vault - solid scenic and some of my favorite puzzles in the whole place. This one felt like it had the least busy work as well.

Knight's Quest - this is one of two games there that only consist of one room (the other being the Saw room) and that is always a bit of a let down, but all the puzzles felt appropriate to the time period and story line. This one had the most busy work.
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February 11
Chandler was the coolest Game Master. He put up with all our shenanigans and helped us when we needed (as a game master should do!) and he made the experience so much better. Thank you for an awesome time. We will come back again for sure!
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February 02
Our group had a great time at Project Escape. It was difficult choosing between all of the different rooms because we had a mix of first-timers and some veterans, but ultimately we elected to go with Vault 202. This room was right around the median in terms of difficulty, and it had a good amount of scavenging and teamwork involved.

When you arrive, you have to sign a quick waiver form. I like that in the waiting room there are some mind games to sharpen your mind just before you start. I saw a couple of people enjoying the rubik's cube, so they must've been pretty serious about their readiness. I just played a quick game of tic-tac-toe to keep my mind sharp. We waited just a little longer than our scheduled start time. But after our game, I kind of understood why, and I'll get into that a little later.

Once we were ready to begin, the hostess walked us through the hallway and into our escape room. Once inside, she did a fantastic job explaining all of the details to us, what to expect, and things of that nature. And then we were ready to begin! The hostess was great with giving us clues and making sure we stayed on task. I can't tell you how many times she helped us out of a tough situation. She helped us just enough to keep it interesting and fun for all of us. In the end, we were able to escape with just under 2 minutes to spare.

During the escape room, there were A LOT of clues we had to go through and toss around the room. After debriefing us, our hostess had to return to the room to put everything back in order for the next group. This is why I mentioned that it didn't surprise me that it took a little longer to tidy up depending on how strewn about the clues were by the previous group. We took some pictures in the room and outside with some funny signs. Overall, we all had a fantastic time. Everyone was smiling and laughing after the experience. I can't wait to rehash it with the group later on. Definitely give this escape room a try. You'll be sure to have a lot of fun.
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January 21
Amazing place to have a fun night with friends and family! We did two rooms.. Saw themed room first, which we should of waited bc it's my favorite movie and there was a lot of technical issues. The good thing is that they are planning to reset the room which allows us to go through with new story. The second room was the Vault.. when we entered the room it was already warm, the temp increased as we played.. in not sure if it's an central unit issue? None the less, we escaped and it was so much fun! There were a LOT more clues on Vault than Saw.
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January 20
Had a great time! The staff is super helpful and nice, and the rooms are very clever and fun! My friends and I did Vault 202, which is based on the Fallout games, but doesn't require prior knowledge to play. I highly recommend this room, especially for beginners. I've been to several escape rooms, and this place is one of the best.
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November 20, 2018
Had a great experience here! 5 of us did the Murder Express room and did not escape. The room was well-designed and decorated and the puzzles were pretty challenging! Our game master Chandler was great and we loved that the clues came through on the video screen. We will definitely be back to try more rooms!
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August 18, 2018
None of us had ever done an escape room before so we tried... yes tried... the Murder Express room. Our game master Tori was awesome! I've heard of people saying they just stand there at the beginning trying to figure out what to do but we didn't. Tori explained everything so well we got straight to it. We would've signed up to play more rooms that same day but the A/C wasn't working (it happens!) and after an hour in our room we were hot. We didn't escape this time...but we'll be back!
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June 30, 2018
This was our first time doing this so we chose the one with Science formulas?! Math?! Its called the

IT was lots and tons of fun. Some of the clues, as explained in the directions, are right in your face and sometimes you can't think too hard because it's the obvious answer. Other times, it takes some more brain power

I won't give away too much since there will be others after us, but we were just two clues away from breaking out! They have a cool system where every room has a "game master". They'll be watching over you through a camera. You're given 5 hints throughout when you ask, and they'll appear on the screen in the room. Also, if you get claustrophobic, you can walk out at anytime. I think the general consensus was that we'd all love to go back and try another (easier) room. But there was not any easy rooms at all they where going harder harder.
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June 26, 2018
We had my daughter's 11th birthday there last night!  It was fabulous - the kids all had a great time. The staff was all wonderful and so helpful and great with the kids.  The party room was amazing and was already decorated when we showed up.  The entire place was clean, beautifully decorated and easy to find.  It was also very reasonably priced.
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May 10, 2018
We enjoyed our time at Project Escape! We did Nautilus and even though we didn't escape, we had such a fantastic time with our group. Our game master was Chandler who explained things to us and helped us with some great clues and hints to keep us hooked and going. We would love to go back and try the other rooms!
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April 14, 2018
I took a group of 12 and 13 year olds to Project Escape for my daughter's 13th Birthday. They had a blast! I called a couple of weeks before our event in order to get information. The woman I spoke with was very friendly and answered all my questions. I then booked the room online, which was very easy. When we arrived, they were very professional and helped us check in and got started with the kids right away. The room was challenging and fun. They didn't escape within the hour, but still had a fantastic time! They loved it and highly recommend it. We will be back.
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April 13, 2018
We used a Groupon to pre book a room online which saved a lot of money. We ended up having so much fun in the first room that we did a second one that day! We ended up doing Knights Quest and Vault 202 which we're both super fun. We had so much fun with our game moderators Josh and Mikayla. They were the real reasons it was as fun as it was to complete. It was so amazing that we're already planning a second trip to do the next two rooms. If all of this doesn't convince you to go their CEO is the family dog George and he is the bestest boy! If you're not sure what escape room to go to I 1000% recommend Project: Escape. You won't regret it.
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April 07, 2018
Me and three of my closest friends did this as my birthday celebration. Most of us had never done an escape room before and had always wanted to so we chose this one due to location and reviews. We did the Nautilus room. We were at a slight disadvantage since there were only four of us but we made it work.
When we first came in, the facility was clean and well staffed. The crew was friendly and we had Shelby as our game master. She was very helpful and really seemed to be rooting for us to escape.
As far as the escape room itself, it was lots of fun and certainly challenging. We liked how everything tied together and it wasn't just random puzzles throughout the room like some escape rooms are. The theme was fun and the storyline was engaging.
We all definitely want to do more escape rooms in the future because of our experience at Project Escape Atlanta, and would certainly return to do more of their rooms! The other rooms they offer sound interesting as well and we are dying to try some of them out. Thank you Project Escape and thank you Shelby for a fun, birthday night! Hopefully we'll be back soon!
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April 07, 2018
As something of an escape room connoisseur, I will tell you that I like this place.  My friends and I have done two of the escape rooms, here.  We've done the Vault and Knight's Quest.  And we'll likely soon go back for more.  Both of the "storylines" for these rooms were fun.  And the puzzles and brain work done to escape were engaging.  Good entertainment.  

Parking is plentiful and the check-in process is easy.  Staff knows their stuff and so far have had no problems taking care of us, even when groups of others are busy coming into and out of the place.  They even offered bottled water to us when we completed our challenge.  

Our game master was Chandler.  Chandler was very cool.  He set up the room, and then he set us up in the room, and then he set the stage for what we were about to try to do.  It was clear Chandler was actively watching us, and he gave us good clues when we needed them.  (We only used two, I think.)  

I'm looking forward to the next escape adventure here.
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March 26, 2018
I've been a total of three times and done four rooms-- Artifact (now retired), Vault 202, Exposure, and Knight's Quest.

Artifact (now converted into Knight's Quest) was only my second escape room. I played with a group of new friends and had a great time.

Vault 202 was my favorite, with some clever puzzles and fun theme. I went for my birthday last year with some friends and family.

Exposure was definitely more challenging. It left us scrambling at the last minute, barely completing the last puzzle in time. It might be my favorite except for a couple frustrating elements, including one puzzle in which we had to wait at least 30 seconds for this mechanism to finish moving. This room physically requires at least four players to finish.

Knight's Quest was my first escape room loss, but I won't hold that against it. I played with a friend and two strangers who had never done an escape room before. It was fun to cooperate and learn to communicate with strangers, trying to work toward a common goal.

I'm looking forward to trying Nautilus!
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March 20, 2018
I found Project Escape through a Facebook ad and I'm so glad it caught my eye! I had family visiting for my birthday and I wanted to do a fun activity. We've never done an escape room before so I wanted to give it a go. Best decision ever!

We booked Vault 202 on 2/23/18 for 9:30pm and it was a blast! We had Steve as our game master and he made the experience so enjoyable - helpful without giving away too much and his interactions with us were hilarious and entertaining. The room itself was well made and the puzzles were challenging and fun. We've played the game that the room was based off of and that helped us a bunch in figuring out a good bit of the puzzles. We got stumped a handful of times, but Steve guided us back to the right track. "Reading is hard, math is hard, and we were missing intelligence." Despite that, we escaped the vault with 11 minutes and 18 seconds to spare!

We only booked for Vault 202, but we had such a wonderful experience that we wanted to do another one immediately after. We initially wanted to do Exposure, but it was too late in the evening for us and Brandy (I believe is her name) quickly switched us over to Nautilus without any hesitation. We bopped on over to the other location and we were in the next room within seconds of walking through the door. Nautilus was a bit more difficult for us because we were separated, but once we were regrouped it was more manageable. Colin was our game master this time and he too was quite helpful. We did manage to escape with 5 minutes left and, again, the experience was awesome!

We will definitely be coming back and attempting the other rooms. I think we've found our new family activity! The atmosphere was great, the rooms were so well thought out, and the super friendly staff were the best!
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February 23, 2018
What a blast so much fun. First time ever doing a escape will do it again. Tori was our game master and had so much great energy and made the experience even better .
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January 31, 2018
Best experience.. 4 of us did Vault 202 and knights quest. Hannah and Tori were amazing.. definitely will be back to do them all. We booked private rooms and had a great time.. by far one of best places we've tried.
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January 24, 2018
Awesome experience, we had soooo much fun!!! Tori was the best, I can't rave enough about her. We've done escape rooms before but this was the best one we've done by far. The rooms were challenging but not impossible. We had a lot of people in our room so we had a lot of teamwork that had to take place. Loved the decor and the whole experience. We'll be back to do the other rooms and will try to book with her again.
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January 12, 2018
So much fun! We held our company Christmas party here and so glad we did. We had the Saw competition rooms, Nautilus, and Vault 202. Savannah and Colin were 2 of our game masters and they were amazing. Myself personally was in one of the Saw rooms and it was very well done. Cannot wait to go back and try out the other rooms. Thank you Project Escape! -My Vape Bar
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December 20, 2017
My husband and I have done many escape rooms prior to this. The rooms were very well put together and they gave you 5 clues to use just in case you got stuck.  Also there were multiple puzzles that you could and should do simultaneously.  2 of the rooms we won with people we had never met before (like I said puzzles to do simultaneously).  If you see something that you know you could do jump in.  The last one we won by ourselves and very doable.  Like I said though my husband and I have done a bunch prior to this and we still used some of the clues.  Def worth the $.  After the first win they charged us $15 for a second.
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December 12, 2017