It's the apocalypse. Bummer. Fortunately, you and your fellow survivors have holed up in an impenetrable vault containing everything you'll need to survive the radioactive onslaught. Unfortunately, somebody has also left an armed nuclear bomb in the vault as well. One hour should be plenty of time to figure out how to disarm it—right?

Puzzle Solving

Times to Beat!

I went to Project Escape with my coworkers this week and we all had such a great time! The staff was helpful and enjoyable to interact with. My group did the Vault 202 room and it was seriously one of the most awesome experiences I've had.

-Peri, Google

Went with some friends of ours from out of town and successfully completed Vault 202! We had a blast! 

-Jamie, World of Escapes

We have played two rooms here, and we loved Vault 202! It has some of the best decor that we have ever seen in escape rooms in Atlanta. They also incorporate some cool technology!

-Jackie, TripAdvisor

#1 - 31:07:34

​      August 7, 2016

​#2 - 34:21:80

      February 11, 2017

​#3 - 37:45:32

​       June 25, 2017



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